Sunday, October 02, 2005

Every day is a new adventure with Isaac and Will. One of my favorite times with them is in the mornings. This morning I heard them wake up about 7:30 and they just were laughing and playing and talking back and forth to each other. I woke up, made bottles, and then couldn't wait to go see them.

Will's crib is the closest crib to the door, so I usually see him first. He has usually rolled over on his back and is just waiting for someone to come pick him up. He is always very excited to see you and just kicks and kicks his legs and has the biggest smile on his face. As soon as you pick him up, he just snuggles right into your shoulder and makes his cooing noise. This makes my day. He gives me several hugs like this a day.

Then I see Isaac who is pushed up on his belly or sometimes his hands and knees (he is getting pretty ready to crawl). Isaac is a very shy boy in the mornings. The instant you acknowledge him, he will give you the sweetest smile and then proceed to bury his head in his sheets (as if he is embarrassed). It is the cutest thing. His legs start going and he looks for you again. The routine starts over, and we both think this is a very fun morning game. When you pick him up, he continues to kick his legs and will laugh at any antic you are willing to perform for him. My day is complete after our "wake-up ritual".

How did I get so lucky?


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