Monday, March 24, 2008

(this is a cross-post from my reglular blog, where I will be publishing pictures and videos of the boys in the future. You can also check their mother's blog.

While shoveling, Isaac and Will would often exclaim: "Bompa, GoGo be SOOO HAPPY!"
(because they were shoveling their driveway or sidewalk).

And just for the record (mom and dad) I did try to "shovel" all their helpful efforts back into the snow banks once they were inside.

This video documents one of the last good shoveling expeditions of the year (for this I am not sad).

And also triggered the lyrics of one of Will's favorite songs in his bulldozing video.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Some fun recent conversations with the boys...

(Isaac and Mom looking at a picture of trees on a beach)
Isaac: "What is that?" (pointing to the picure)
Mom: " There are some trees and some leaves and some sand."
Isaac: "Bulldozers pick up sand..."
Mom: "Really?"
Isaac: "and dirt and stones..."
Mom: "You are right."
Isaac: "and rice..."
Mom: "Rice?"
Isaac: (shaking head very dramatically) "...and oatmeal."

(Will at the dinner table spreading cheese sauce all over his hands and the table)
Mom: "Will, what are you doing?"
Will: "I making art." (pronounced 'ot')
Mom: "Wow, buddy. Good job."
Will: "Mom, this pretty." (pronounced 'pity')
Mom: "I know. I love it."
Will: "Mom, this beautiful." (I have no idea where he learned this word!)
Mom: "You are right."
Will: "Mom, this beautiful and I cute...
(long dramatic pause)
Will: ...and I have a haircut!" (At this point, he laughs at himself because he knows how hysterical he just was.)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Remember this day? I was at work last week, and one of the nurses told me a visitor was asking to see me. I walked into the room and the visitor was the boys' birth mom. I have not seen her since the boys were born. A flood of emotions came over me. Tears instantly came to my eyes. I cannot even begin to describe the amount of grattitude and respect I have for this brave girl. She has brought so much joy to my life. She gave me the greatest gift I could ever ask for.

Seeing her brought back so many memories of this amazing day. Seeing them for the first time... holding them and telling them how much they were them their first bath...every moment with them was a miracle.

I continue to be amazed by them, even when they dump their whole bowl of cheerios and milk over their head at the breakfast table. Now that the mess is cleaned up, it is easier to laugh about. They thought it was hilarious!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Maybe I'm Learning to be a Better Listener

I miss the cabin, and this was a fun trip.
In the mornings, i would warn isaac and will that the dock was slippery, and that it would be dangerous to walk on it until the sun came out and dried up the rain.

I remember being really confused about why Isaac wanted to tell me that there weren't any ducks sleeping on the dock...

...until today when I watched this video and understood perfectly what he was really trying to say.

"We wouldn't want to wake up any ducks"

...nice one dad

Monday, November 19, 2007

Day At The Zoo
photos by Tony Petty

Tony and Tara invited the Rudd Boys and the Corbin Three for a day at the John Ball Zoo.

The big cats were more active than I have *ever* seen big cats. The monkeys were fantastic. The llamas were feisty. The penguins were undignified. The Old-Man-Fish was unforgettable. Our hosts were generous, and a fantastic time was had by all.

ps. I highly recommend the john ball zoo this time of year. less traffic, lots to see. I think I want to go back again this winter

As if the day could be improved, Tony and Tara led our entourage back to their Jenison home, where they had secured a shark tent and a zebra tent for the boys to nap in, fantastic art projects were provided for Willow and Ginger, followed by a brilliant dinner.

i'll be posting a couple of tony's videos on my blog.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Eency Weency Halloween Spiders
(guest appearances by ashley, gage, and jax)

Friday, October 26, 2007

this just in:

a voicemail from will

via. nonnie (grandma sue)