Thursday, June 29, 2006

we know Tara is a good babysitter.
We're not sure about Tony

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Language Skills:
The boys are learning new ways to communicate.

They're mastering the essentials of sign language "more" "please" "eat" "cup"

They are beginning to verbalize many things.

Isaac is unable to say, "outside"
He can only shriek it (with exuberant delight).
But it is clearly the word "outside", accompanied by a race toward the door and wild pointing.

Will now shrieks too, not as recognizably, but we get it.

When Isaac sees a dog he points and says "doug"
When Isaac sees anything moving on the grass he points and says "doug"

Will likes to say Mama or derivatives beginning with M and ending with Mahh or Meee.

But what ever Will lacks in linguistics, he makes up for in passion and delivery.

He has all the non-verbals right.

He shrugs his shoulders and raises his open hands.
He nods his head to emphasize an authoritative syllable (this non-verbal will be hereafter represented by this symbol: ^).

Sometimes, in utter frustration, he drops his hands to the ground and lets out a huge sigh, synchronized with slightly rolling eyes. [I have had an UBELIEVABLY long day!]


Isaac loves to say "Hot."

I originally explained that he could not have my coffee because it was "hot." I put a little extra sizzle on the word "hot". I wanted "hot" to be clearly dangerous. As if the word itself might burn him.

Isaac loves danger. ...and so he loves to say "hot" --with sizzle.

Every morning he comes to the couch where I (and/or Andrea) have parked with my coffee.

He points to the coffee and says. "Haaaaaaaa ot!"

Daniel: "Hot Coffee"

Isaac: "Hot daw ee"

Will: (waddling over with outstretched pointer finger)

"Ma.. Mammeeee!"

Daniel: "Hot Coffee" (with a little more emphatic enunciation)

Will: "Ma.. MAAMEE!" (with corresponding escalation)

Daniel: "Good job will, try again: 'Hot Coffee'

Will [with some serious passion, and forceful pointing]:

^ ^^ ^ ^^

He'll argue with me until lunch if I let him.


At lunch a few days ago, I came up from my office to find Andrea working with Isaac on "apple sauce."

Andrea: "Apple Sauce"

Isaac: "daawwwce"

Andrea: "APPLE ...sauce"

Isaac: "ANdle daawwce"

Will [clearly annoyed with Isaac's ineptitude, and punctuating each sylabil with a severe and rhythmic tilting of his forehead.] :
"maaaw MAHHH!"
^ ^