Friday, February 01, 2008

Some fun recent conversations with the boys...

(Isaac and Mom looking at a picture of trees on a beach)
Isaac: "What is that?" (pointing to the picure)
Mom: " There are some trees and some leaves and some sand."
Isaac: "Bulldozers pick up sand..."
Mom: "Really?"
Isaac: "and dirt and stones..."
Mom: "You are right."
Isaac: "and rice..."
Mom: "Rice?"
Isaac: (shaking head very dramatically) "...and oatmeal."

(Will at the dinner table spreading cheese sauce all over his hands and the table)
Mom: "Will, what are you doing?"
Will: "I making art." (pronounced 'ot')
Mom: "Wow, buddy. Good job."
Will: "Mom, this pretty." (pronounced 'pity')
Mom: "I know. I love it."
Will: "Mom, this beautiful." (I have no idea where he learned this word!)
Mom: "You are right."
Will: "Mom, this beautiful and I cute...
(long dramatic pause)
Will: ...and I have a haircut!" (At this point, he laughs at himself because he knows how hysterical he just was.)