Saturday, November 26, 2005


The boys seem to be only mildly impressed by the phenonmenon of snow, although they are both happy for the chance to look devastatingly adorable in their snow hats.

Isaac's newest film ("Peekaboo" co-staring grandma wagenmaker) has just been released.

Will is working on his next solo project, a little piece titled "ah!"

See "Peekaboo" here.
Special Thanks to Eric's ShinyCam. Specail apologies to dialup users--file is 20mb

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It was so good to come home to these faces after being gone for the weekend. I missed my boys so much. I did get to talk to each of them on the phone several times. Isaac and Will both responded to me on the phone, and it made me even more lonesome for them. When I finally arrived home, they would not let go of me. They both kept squeezing and snuggling me - it was such a great feeling to know that they really didn't forget me while I was gone. It was so hard to put them to bed that night. I didn't want to let go of them either.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Vacuum Sucks

...And it blows too.

As it sucks in the air, and blows out the air, filters are supposed to catch the dust and dirt. But they don't catch the noise.

The noise comes howling out, unrestrained, like a herd of wild horses. The twins are generally good sports who enjoy a bit of a startle. But they don't like this.

They were happily bouncing in their jumpers down the hall when I spilled a half cup of un-cooked rice all over the counter and the floor.

I salvaged what I could and grabbed the vacuum to suck up what remained.

Within seconds of releasing the wild horses Will & Isaac broke into simultaneous (stereo) hysterics. They were terrified. I had to rock Isaac for ten minutes to get him to stop sniffling.

Just to be sure that I hadn't missed something, I waited half an hour, took the vacuum two rooms away and ran it for two seconds. I returned to find both of the boys crying and waving their arms for me to pick them up.

It's definitely the vacuum. The vacuum sucks.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Lions and Bunnies and Bears... oh my

our northside friends gathered at our house for a "pre-all hallowed's eve photo-op".

fur and paws sponsored by: Wagenmaker Greenhouses.

Will's date is noticeably bored with his jokes.