Friday, October 05, 2007

I took the boys to Olivet this weekend for a fun-filled weekend including a special night at Auntie Em's house, Olivet High School's homecoming football game, and Jessie Smith's wedding.

Highlights of the weekend were definitely staying on the Sowles' alpaca farm. They also have 4 dogs, which the boys loved playing fetch with. They had many fun tractor rides with Papa Tom (Aimee's dad), and they even fell asleep on one of the rides.

They were enthralled by the marching band at the football game and kept yelling "more drum", "come back" whenever the band would stop playing music. The half-time show was moderate at best, but Isaac and Will thought it was the greatest thing ever. They stood there with their mouths half open, and they were in complete awe.

The wedding was beautiful and we saw a lot of old friends. The boys were definitely a hit...everyone loved them and could not believe how cute and social they were. The pictures above


Blogger Kim said...

I love the pictures of the boys...they are so cute. Glad you had a good weekend. Hope to see you soon.

1:10 PM  

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