Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The boys are expanding their experience with food.
Of course it's fun to watch them respond to different flavors and textures.

Will makes noises you might here in an adult movie when he really likes something.

Of course if he doesn't like it, he has several tricks.

Originally, he just locked his mouth shut--like Fort Knox.
You could make him laugh, but he'd do it with his mouth shut (very cute).
He might be frustrated to the point of crying, which remarkably, he can do with his mouth shut.

Next he started flailing his arms to drive the spoon away.
Isaac would "motorboat" for a while when he didn't like a taste (sending it all over everything).

There both doing pretty good about eating now.
No spitting, flailing, or mouth-fortressing

But Will figured out that we won't give him food if he doesn't have his bib on.

So when he decides he is done, or when he doesn't like the food, he violently rips it off and throws it to the floor.
And like everything Will does, he does it with zest.

these pictures don't have anything to do with this story. Consider them a consolation prize for those of you who didn't like the story.

PS. I have some great video footage. I'm going to start editing it soon. I mean it!


Blogger Redbaerd said...

noises that WHO? might hear in an adult movie? You might...but I don't know where you get off saying you to me.

In a related but not quite argument: I'm me! And you're you!

(p.s. Sorry W & I to have to talk about this stuff on your blog, but your dad!...[shakes head])

6:13 PM  

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