Sunday, December 04, 2005

This Isn't Cute at all!

Of course, if you want to find some aspect of my boys that is not adorable, you have to use an otoscope to do it.

But this is what they found at the medicenter.
Isaac's got a double ear infection. Only one of Will's ears are infected, but he had to have a breathing treatment.

They're both on antibiotics now.

Special thanks to grandma glo and honorary grandma debbie for the diagnosis help.

This on the other hand...
Is very Cute!

Uncle Andy took this picture of thanksgiving. It's a great picture of the real Will. And there aren't very man of them. It's very difficult to "capture" Will on any kind of medium. If the camera comes out he stops doing whatever it is you wanted to document.

Isaac is also very sensitive to the camera. But he just turns the cute up a couple notches when you get out the camera.

That's why we have more pictures and video of Isaac's antics. Some have suggested an imbalance. This is a correct observation, but we're really trying...

So here's just a picture of Will.

ps. some great video is in the works... stay tuned.


Blogger aimee marie said...

poor sweet boys. :(

10:14 AM  
Blogger Pastor Andy said...

Unknowingly I was getting the stomach flu last week. I did a check around several blogs and came to yours with the eardrum pictures. That is when I knew I had the stomach flu.

7:10 AM  

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