Wednesday, October 26, 2005

the best thing that's ever happened in the world.

Will is calling my name. dadda, daddy... I have witnesses. He looks for me and says my name. Then when I come, he reaches up his little arms for me to hold him. He's said it to me at least five times today.

Granted: I've been drilling this into his head for almost seven months.

I take his little hands (Isaac too). I put them on his head and say his name. Then I put them on my head and say my name. Every now and then I dedicate a few fleeting seconds too "mama" instruction.

And it's all paid off. You simply cannot understand how incredible it is.

In fairness: Isaac's doing amazing things too... Like solid bowell movements. He's very proud. No seriously. He is developing a hilarious personality. He belly laughs on demand (which sets the world right no matter what).

Soon I will post some really great videos of my laughing boy. Then you'll have an idea of how much I love my life... but just an idea.


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